My best friend

After having Samuel my blood pressure started to climb.  I am taking Nifedipine for it, and have bought a blood pressure monitor to use at home to check it.  I was pretty stressed out by having to take tablets whilst breastfeeding, and by being in hospital in general.

My best friend sent me a text to ask how I was, and got a long response venting about how annoyed I was and how bad my blood pressure was. She said that chocolate can lower blood pressure – it must be true because it is On The Internet. Also potatoes can do the same.  Anyone else would have tried the “there there” approach, or commiserated with me about the poor nursing care, but my best friend knew exactly how to cut through my poor mood and make me smile again.

Fast forwards 2 days, the morning after we came home from hospital. We discover a parcel left on the doorstep – containing one bar of dark chocolate and one potato.

This is why she is my best friend. 🙂


About ilove10

Here I spew forth my musings on being a mum to 2 boys, on faith, life, premature birth, child development and buying a fixer-upper Grade II listed house. Welcome! My older son has an expressive communication delay, we use Makaton signing as well as speech. He is very interested in numbers and letters. Recently we were practising expressing emotions by signing “I love…” and he volunteered “I love 10″, hence the name of this blog.
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  1. E certainly kicks butt in the most awesome way 🙂

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