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Here I spew forth my musings on being a mum to 2 boys, on faith, life, premature birth, child development and buying a fixer-upper Grade II listed house. Welcome! My older son has an expressive communication delay, we use Makaton signing as well as speech. He is very interested in numbers and letters. Recently we were practising expressing emotions by signing “I love…” and he volunteered “I love 10″, hence the name of this blog.

The School Gate

Sometimes I am suddenly struck by the contrast between Nathan now, and that tiny baby Nathan in the incubator 3 and a half years ago. It comes unexpectedly, a flashback, built on a detail hardly recollected until it is triggered … Continue reading

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Significant numbers

Since deciding to write a blog (and naming it ilove10) I realised the name might need some explaining.  Of course there is the “info” section, but it doesn’t really tell the full story. I recently read a biography of Simon … Continue reading

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Some say the origin of the vampire stories is sexual repression in Victorian times, that it is a thinly veiled analogy of lust, sex and being swept away in the tide of desire. Not so, I tell you. Nosferatu is … Continue reading

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My fathers bookcase

I have this bookcase. It has 4 shelves, solid sides and backboard. It wobbles a bit. My husband does not like it. I admit it is not something with an easily apparent beauty, but I like it. It is made … Continue reading

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What children teach me about God

After a time away from blogging (I could claim I was busy, but actually I discovered mother and baby cinema in Greenwich) I am returning to you with a thoughtful post. It’s a faith based post so if you’d rather … Continue reading

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Baby monitor side effects

We have a baby monitor.  We do not use it to monitor the baby.  Instead it is a weapon against wandering toddlers in the middle of the night.  It is one of those under-mattress sensor pad ones, that alarms if … Continue reading

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I am writing this post on my shiny new iPad, using our just-installed Internet.  I think number 10 is finally in the 21st century!  Hooray!

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